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The Navy Wounded Warrior Safe Harbor provides a Family Newsletter! The newsletter is designed to ensure the families and caregivers of Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor enrollees are aware of the many helpful opportunities and resources available to them, regardless of the status of their wounded warriors’ recovery. The newsletter includes national announcements and information — often focused on a particular topic, such as respite opportunities or scholarships — for seriously wounded, ill and injured service members and their families.

Navy Wounded Warrior - Safe Harbor

Navy Safe Harbor is the Navy and Coast Guard's wounded warrior support program. It provides non-medical support -- such as addressing personnel concerns, arranging child care, and securing employment opportunities -- for nearly 1,600 Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, as well as their families. Enrollment in the program is available to service members wounded in combat, as well as to those diagnosed with a serious illness or injured in shipboard, training, and liberty accidents. Enrollment lasts a lifetime. Navy Safe Harbor's goal is to return Sailors and Coast Guardsmen to duty. But, when that's not possible, the program works to successfully reintegrate them back into their communities.

Combat Stress Echos - 10 Minutes


NAVAIR Wounded Warrior

Watch NAVAIR's very own Wounded Warriors talk about their experiences transitioning from combat to civil service careers - and learn how we're working with other Navy commands to provide WW's exciting job opportunities - and help them successfully adapt to their "new normal."

NAVAIR Wounded Warrior Career Day

NAVAIR hosts its first Wounded Warrior Career Day at the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum

United States Navy - Succeed through Struggle

Success is often defined by wins and losses. By life-changing professional achievements or things that give people acclaim in their community. However, the most important form of success is often overlooked - personal fulfillment. When people face life-threatening injuries or illnesses, self-doubt, fear, depression and frustration can often overwhelm even the strongest personalities. These facts are no different when it comes to injured and ill Sailors. However, the Navy's wounded warrior program, Safe Harbor, helps Sailors overcome these challenges.

Sea Story

Sea Story is a podcast series that brings you extraordinary tales of action, danger, and adventure—all told by real Navy Sailors. Listen now for a glimpse into Navy life. Stories of personal experiences on the sea, typically involving an element of ACTION, DANGER, or adventure.

The Blue Angels - Inside the Demo

The Blue Angels' mission is to enhance Navy and Marine Corps recruiting efforts and to represent the naval service to the United States.


The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

BUD/S is the only training program in the Department of Defense where Officers and Enlistedmen go through training together yielding and uncommon sense of camaraderie and brotherhood.

SEALs BUD/s Training, 1 of 4

Think you have what it takes to become a Navy SEAL? See for yourself in the 1st of 4 videos offering a glimpse inside SEAL BUD/s training in San Diego.

SEALs BUD/s Training, 2 of 4

So, you made it through Phase 1 of BUD/s training. Still think you're able to handle being one of the best? Here's your chance to learn more.

SEALs BUD/s Training, 3 of 4

The most intense week of BUD/s Training is detailed in this, the third of four videos providing a look inside the life and preparation to become a Navy SEAL.

SEALs BUD/s Training, 4 of 4

In the 4th of 4 videos, Phases III of BUD/s training is detailed. Made it this far? Reap the benefits and rewards of becoming a member of the most elite team in the military.

Department of Defense Video Imagery Distribution System

Provides an accurate, reliable source for media organizations to access U.S. service members and commanders deployed in support of military operations worldwide.

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Benefits Administration

Veterans Benefits Administration provides financial and other forms of assistance to veterans and their dependents.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E)

The VR&E program assists Veterans with service-connected disabilities to prepare for, find, and keep suitable jobs. For Veterans with service-connected disabilities so severe that they cannot immediately consider work, VR&E offers services to improve their ability to live as independently as possible. There are numerous ways to apply for VA benefits depending on the type of benefit you are seeking. If you are a member of the armed forces serving on either active duty, you should apply through the VA Pre-Discharge Program before leaving service.

Veterans Benefits

The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) provides a variety of benefits and services to Servicemembers, Veterans, and their families. VBA has been undergoing a major transformation that is people-centric, results-oriented, and a forward-looking integration of solutions that will ensure total lifelong engagement with Servicemembers, Veterans, and their families. To learn more please go to

National Security and Defense

The Heritage Foundation - America must be capable of proactively protecting the nation and its citizens. Our armed forces must be ready to act anywhere in the world where vital national interests are threatened. This can be achieved by giving the military the resources it needs to keep us safe and maintain freedom.

U.S. Naval Institute

The Mission of the Institute is to provide an independent forum for those who dare to read, think, speak, and write in order to advance the professional, literary, and scientific understanding of sea power and other issues critical to national defense.


Naval History

Navy League SEAPOWER